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Shipping & Delivery

Cant wait for your lashes? - Shipping time

Every order is scheduled immediately at the confirmation of your order and leave our warehouse within 1-2 days of payment. We will drop you a line via email as soon as your order has hit the road.

Our items ship from different locations depending on where you're ordering from.


Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, orders to certain countries are experiencing some delays. This situation is changing daily so we are unable to be any more specific than that at the moment. Please keep in mind that the below estimates may not be currently accurate for your order. We're trying our hardest do get everyone their orders ASAP, and thank everyone for their patience in this difficult time! 

Please read the following information, including average shipping times:

USA 5-15 Days (From USA, DHL tracked)
UK 5-15 Days (From UK, untracked 2nd Class Royal Mail)
Canada 8-20 Business Days (From USA, DHL tracked)
EU 5-15 Business Days (From USA, DHL tracked OR from UK, Royal Mail Untracked, depending on your country)
Australia 5-15 Business Days (From USA, DHL tracked)
Rest of The World 8-20 Business Days (From USA, DHL tracked) 


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at

Please note delivery times may increase around holidays.

Is my order guaranteed to arrive?

Yes, of course! We just can't guarantee your order will absolutely arrive in the above stated timeframes because we can't control the mail. For those rare occasions where an order hasn't been received by the customer, we will regard it as "lost in transit" and resend your order. 

For US and UK orders, we will regard orders as lost in transit if you haven't received them after 18 business days, for the rest of the world after 25 business days. 
Please wait these respective timeframes before contacting us, as we will not re-send packages until these timeframes have passed.